Sunday, September 26, 2010

Crafting Disasters With Ophelia

So, today I realized I should have named this blog Crafting Disasters With Ophelia. I had plans to work on sewing with my mother today. My little sister was to be out with Girl  Scouts. However, her trip was cancelled due to bad weather. I should have taken this a sign.

We decided to start with some pants. Nice, simple pajama pants.

I had just bought some new left handed scissors and was ready to sew. The trouble started with my cat, Yuna. Yuna decided she liked the pattern. A lot.

She objected strongly to being moved.


After getting her off of the table she attacked our feet for a while.

So, after moving the cat we lay the pieces out and realize they don't match. Somewhere in the cutting process something went wrong. I takes some time, but we sort it out. Meanwhile, the cat pops up from under the table and tries to run off with pieces of fabric and pattern.

It is time to sew.
I go to grab the sewing machine, and what do I see?
That's right.

Yuna knew. Somehow, she knew. And she was there and waiting.

Finally, I got to the sewing. 
Most of the sewing went ok. Except the part where I sewed the left leg shut. And the part where the top hem got messed up because the bobbin wasn't threaded properly. And the part where.... well, I turned out ok.

Held by my lovely assistant/sister
I had some left over fabric, so I decided to make a pair of matching slippers.




The slippers aren't very pretty, but they feel like walking on pillows, so it is allll good.
And here you can see my little sis modeling the end result.

Wish me better luck next time!  ;)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Sewing Machine, New Start

I have always wanted to sew. I longed to make my own clothes, create cute stuffed animals, and decorate my room with my own creations. Now I will try and make that dream come true.

Armed with a new sewing machine, a box of patterns, internet tutorials, and a lot of determination I will learn to sew. Or blow up my sewing machine trying.


New Machine

Old Machine